February 2023 Volunteer Spotlight – Rachel Weaver and Kevin Medick

Congratulations to Rachel Weaver and Kevin Medick for being selected as February’s Volunteer Spotlight! Rachel and Kevin are partners in life and at the shelter! They have six doggos, two cats, a Chinchilla, and a Short-Tailed Opossum! They have been volunteers at the shelter since June 2021.   Rachel’s full-time job is as an E-Commerce […]

January 2023 Volunteer Spotlight – Sanya Dykeman

Sanya and Foster dog Petey

Congratulations to Sanya Dykeman for being selected as January’s Volunteer Spotlight! Sanya has been married to her husband Jeff for 6yrs and they have 3 Olde English Bulldogs and a painted turtle.  The dogs, Chino & Luna are 8yrs old and Waylon is 4yrs old.  They found Loweinda (painted turtle originally named Mr. Lowe until […]

November 2022 Volunteer Spotlight – Maria Ringer-Abel

Congratulations to Maria Ringer-Abel for being selected as November’s Volunteer Spotlight! Maria is married to Jonathan and they have been married to for 19 years!   They have 2 furbabies, Jackson, a Pittie mix, age 7 and Kaia, also a Pittie mix, age 3.   Maria has worked for the Departments of Correction and Community Supervision for […]

October 2022 Volunteer Spotlight – Kim Scripa-Bell

Congratulations to October’s Volunteer Spotlight Kimberly Scripa-Bell!! Kim is married to her husband Jeremy and they have one furbaby named Lou. He’s an English Black Labrador, almost 3 years old.  Kim works for Northern Rivers since 2011 as a Supervisor for the Children’s Care Management Program. We asked Kim to tell us something about her […]

September 2022 Volunteer Spotlight – Nicole Piper

Congratulations to Nicole Piper for being selected as September’s Volunteer Spotlight! Nicole has been a volunteer with Regional since June of 2016 when she helped volunteers trap and rescue a dog that was abandoned in Myers Park. Nicole is engaged to her fiancé Rich and they have two sweet Pittie girls, 7even (pronounced Seven) and […]

July 2022 Volunteer Spotlight – Stephanie Krystopowicz-Demagsitris

Congratulations Stephanie Krystopowicz-Demagsitris on being selected as July’s Volunteer Spotlight! Stephanie is married to her hubby Evan and has two beautiful children, Emily 4 and Oliver 2.  She also has two cats, Lucy and Luke.  Stephanie is a stay-at-home mom; she has her associates in paralegal studies and going for her BBA. Stephanie has been […]

May 2022 Volunteer Spotlight – April Feathers

Congratulations to April Feathers for being selected as May’s Volunteer Spotlight! April has been a volunteer with Regional for the past seven months.  She is a recent graduate from FMCC and currently works at Shoe Dept. as a Key Holder for the past eight months.  April has one fur baby, a four year old kitty […]

April 2022 Volunteer Spotlight – Cheryl Zajd

Congratulations to April’s Volunteer Spotlight, Cheryl Zajd! Cheryl has been a volunteer with Regional since Marchish of 2013 after adopting Abby. She is married to Husband Nick and they have twin newborn girls, Marzanna and Devana, 2 months old.  Cheryl also has Regional Alumni Abby age 12 (dog), Socks 13 (cat), and Regional Alumni Murdock […]

March 2022 Volunteer Spotlight – Beth Geleta

Congratulations to Beth Geleta for being chosen as our March Volunteer Spotlight! Beth has been a volunteer with FCRSPCA since August 2018, she is a Board Member and Officer of the Board of Directors, she has two children, Christopher, age 24 and Brianna, age 22 and two fur-children Zoro, age 6 and Chicken Nugget, age […]

February 2022 Volunteer Spotlight – Joyce Rose

This month’s volunteer spotlight is a special and post humous honor as we remember as pay tribute to our very own Joyce Rose.  Joyce passed away last month surrounded by the beautiful family she built for herself in those she chose to share her life with, many of them also being members of the Regional […]