518.725.5956 (shelter)    518.736.2100 (report abuse/found animals: 24 hours)

If your dog was brought into the shelter by Gloversville Animal Control or by the Gloversville Police Department,
please contact the shelter at 518.725.5956 to redeem your pet.

There are very specific criteria for animal redemptions in the City of Gloversville and the state of New York. You must provide your Driver’s license or other photo ID, valid rabies vaccination certificate, and a valid dog license.
It is New York State Law that all dogs over 4 months old must have a current Rabies vaccination.

Redemption Fees

These fees are set by the Gloversville City Council and must be paid for at the time you pick up your dog.

Rabies Vaccination

 If your dog does not have a current rabies vaccination, we are not permitted to release the dog from our custody until a vaccination can be administered. We are able to have our veterinarian’s office administer the vaccination on weekdays and on weekends as time allows. You are responsible for the cost of the vaccination ($45.00 cash/$46.79 Credit (PayPal)) and any other fees charged to our shelter (i.e. office visit, etc).

License - Gloversville Residents only

If you do not have a valid dog license and live in the City of Gloversville, we can provide one to you. These fees are set by the Gloversville City Council. Licenses are good for one year, and can be renewed by mail or at the Gloversville City Clerk’s office.

License - non-Gloversville Residents

Residents who live outside Gloversville must have proof of license before we are legally able to release your pet back to you.  Again, it is New York State law that all dogs released from the shelter to citizens must be licensed before release. If your dog needs a valid rabies shot in order to be licensed, we can provide one for you before you obtain the license from your city or town clerk’s office.

Other Fees

If your dog is deemed to need a flea bath, one will be given at time of entry to the shelter so the residents do not get fleas. There will be a $25.00 fee for a flea bath and topical treatment.

There is a $10 cash/$10.78 Credit (PayPal) fee if your dog’s nails need to be trimmed.

Regional reserves the right to charge a boarding fee of $18.00 cash/$19.01 Credit (PayPal) a day for dogs in on multiple occurrences, or for dogs who are not picked up in a timely manner after the owner has been found.

Payments can be made by cash or check (cash price as listed above) or credit card (credit price listed). We are not able to take any partial payments.

Thank you for your cooperation.