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What do you do with the money that I donate?

In 2022, we took in $192,416.

Our beloved fundraisers raised $45,052.


Only $13,735 was received for adoptions, redemptions, and contract payments. We had 142 animals enter the shelter, with 51 being returned to their families and 82 finding new homes.


The remainder was directly donated by generous and compassionate individuals like yourself (an in some cases, matched by employers – thank you!) and we are grateful for your support. 

In 2022, we spent $192,998.

Almost 70% of our spending ($134,874) directly supported the programs of the shelter. 


Animal care includes all veterinary expenses, medicines, and items pertaining to the health and direct care of our animals. Our veterinary costs doubled in 2022 due to raising cost of care and having so many critically ill animals enter the shelter as a result of the East Road Ten and Kelly’s Haven cases. Program expenses also included keeping the shelter warm, dry and safe, and the legal costs of having two back-to-back animal cruelty cases (worth every penny – every animal from those two cases will never have to return to the deplorable conditions from which they came).


We spent $58,123 on everything else required to run the shelter, including all expenses and registrations needed for keeping the business of the shelter running. This amount also included some site prep work for our new building.

We spent $0.00 on salaries!!
(And we’re pretty proud of that! That’s right – we scoop poop for fun!)


Every cent that gets donated goes directly to running the shelter and caring for our animals!


We can’t forget to mention the amazing amount of donated food, treats, toys, blankets, laundry soap, cleaning supplies, and other wonderful things that all of our wonderful community members get for our furkids! We are extremely blessed to be supported by such a caring and generous community! We thank you for everything, and look forward to helping more animals in need!

Regional SPCA relies solely on the generosity and support of donors like you to be able to care for and find forever families for the animals of our community. Your contribution of a tax-deductible donation to Regional SPCA will make a significant impact on the lives of the animals and humans of our special community.