5/15/50 Fridays: Journey Edition

Once again it’s time for our 5-15-50 Friday in support of Project Empty Kennels!

We are so overwhelmed and grateful for all of the support that everyone has given this life-saving program! We can’t say thank you enough! Our very generous sponsor has raised the match amount to $1,000! We have raised an astounding $920 so far, which is almost to our $1,000 goal! That’s a lot of help for those that need it most – like our girl Journey.

This beautiful little lady was dumped in a parking lot by her family in the middle of winter. Journey spent three long, cold weeks on the run, looking for her family that abandoned her, before allowing herself to be caught and brought to the shelter.

Finally warm and with a full belly, Journey tried to settle into shelter life the best she could. Things were looking up for her, but she had such a hard time believing that humans wouldn’t suddenly take away the necessary comforts of good food and a warm bed. The shelter, although full of love, was not the place for her to be. We knew Journey needed some special help so that she could learn to trust that people would not ever deny her food and shelter, and we knew that Project Empty Kennels was the answer to her needs.

In other shelters, Journey would never have been given a second chance. She hasn’t been in the program long, but we’re beginning to see a more relaxed, trusting, happy girl that we’ve always dreamed of seeing at the shelter. Journey has a road of healing ahead of her, but we’ll be with her every step of the way.

Journey is two years old, is good with older kids but needs to be be the only pet. She needs a calm, loving home that will make sure that she never gets thrown out like yesterday’s trash ever again.

Help Regional continue to give dogs like Journey a chance to thrive in a home. Your support gives dogs like Journey a second chance at a life worth living, and we won’t stop believin’ that all dogs like her deserve a second chance.

As always, we thank you for your continued support of this life saving program!

To see more about Project Empty Kennels, go to https://fcrspca.org/support/training-and-rehabilitation/. To support our 5-15-50 campaign, please make a donation at https://fcrspca.org/5-15-50/

5-15-50 Fridays: Heart edition

Once again it’s time for our 5-15-50 Friday in support of Project Empty Kennels! A big HEARTfelt thank you to everyone who supported us last week! We have raised $230 so far, which is almost halfway to our $500 goal! We invite you to give as your budget and beliefs allow and remind you that your donation will be matched up to a total of $500!

So who does your donation help? Dogs like Heart!

Heart is a 5 year old female bully mix who equally loves outside adventures and snuggling on the couch.

This sweet, sweet girl had a very hard life before coming to Regional. She was found by her previous owner in the woods with a litter of puppies. He took in Heart and the puppies, soon after the puppies were sold too young and Heart was physically beaten. Not much later, she was dumped at the shelter.

Confused and scared, Heart quickly deteriorated. She could not cope with people she didn’t know or trust coming into the shelter, especially men. Our volunteers knew that Heart needed special help to heal from all that she had been through.

At any other shelter, Heart would have been euthanized. But not at Regional, thanks to Project Empty Kennels. Heart was able to enter the program so that she could learn how to trust people again! She’s been in the program for 7 months and now looking for her forever home – one where she will be cherished instead of used and thrown out. Our sweet girl now knows that humans will never let her down again. Due to her abusive past, she does have a hard time trusting new men. This can be overcome with patience and understanding, as some of her best friends are men!

Heart is looking for that perfect couch in that amazing home – we all know it’s out there. She’s got so much love to give that she needs to be the only pet.

Help Regional continue to give dogs like Heart a chance to thrive in a home. Your support gives dogs like Heart a second chance at a life worth living.

To see more about Project Empty Kennels, go to https://fcrspca.org/support/training-and-rehabilitation/. To support our 5-15-50 campaign, please make a donation here or at https://fcrspca.org/5-15-50/

Announcing 5-15-50 Fridays!

We’re excited to announce the first $5-$15-$50 Fridays to Support Project Empty Kennels! During the month of July, a generous donor will match each dollar donated up to a total of $500- it’s a fabulous opportunity to double your impact!!

Project Empty Kennels is an amazing program that helps the most vulnerable dogs in our care. These dogs came to Regional needing extra assistance with learning how to best settle into a loving home life due to previous abuse and trauma. Many of these dogs would be euthanized in other shelters, which is why Project Empty Kennels is integral in Regional’s mission of remaining a no-kill shelter. With the support of our donors, we’ve been able to help many dogs and will continue to help many more!

The current program members are Heart and Journey. These girls are learning to process and overcome the abuse in their past so that they can have a better future.

Help us help these wonderful girls. Every dollar donated during $5-$15-$50 Fridays will support Heart and Journey as they continue on their path towards a happy life with a forever family. Please donate here, or visit us at https://fcrspca.org/5-15-50 for more information.

Regional Animal Shelter to reorganize as Fulton County Regional Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

SPCA formed to assist local law enforcement with investigating and prosecuting animal abuse.

Regional Animal Shelter is very proud to announce that we are in the process of reincorporating as a Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.  This change will allow us to assist our county law enforcement with investigating and prosecuting animal abuse and cruelty cases, as well as bringing the opportunity for much needed resources for these investigations. Over the next several months we will be transitioning operations from Regional Animal Shelter to the Fulton County Regional SPCA. 

What does this change mean for Regional, the current animals in our custody and those yet to come through our doors? We can assure the community that all animals, both present and future, will continue to receive the highest quality of care that you have come to know from our team and we will remain the same volunteer run, no kill shelter. We will continue to provide quality services to the City of Gloversville and continue to provide education and support to the members of our community. 

Over the coming months and as we transition you will see both Regional Animal Shelter and Fulton County Regional SPCA mentioned and referred to in print. We assure the community that we are the same organization but until we are able to fully transfer all aspects over to the entity of Fulton County Regional SPCA we will be operating under both names.  This will be a slow process, as the SPCA still needs to complete its registration with the Department of Criminal Justice Services, which may take up to a year to complete.

We are very excited to embark on this new journey and hope that you will join us and support us as we move forward and care for the neediest pets in our community. 

Left to Right: Treasurer Cheryl Zajd, Adoptable dog Theo, Senator Jim Tedisco, President Renee Earl, Secretary Beth Geleta, Fulton County Sheriff Richard Giardino

The announcement was made June 8th, 2019 at Stump City Brewing. Thank you to Senator Jim Tedisco and Sheriff Richard Giardino for their support, and to Stump City for their hospitality (and for helping us make an amazing brew for which all proceeds go to the care of our animals!). The entire video of the announcement can be found on our Facebook page (clink here for link).

Thank you to everyone who made this year’s 7th Annual Woofstock a tremendous success!

We are pleased to report that we got to spend the day with 250 of our closest friends and puppies!!  We hope that everyone had a blast! Did you get a face full of kisses at the Smoochy Booth? Get to check out the agility course? Did you have a blast dancing to some great tunes? Did you get lucky and win an awesome raffle or five?

The raffle section was filled to overflowing with 104 totally awesome raffles – thank you to our generous business and community members who made it possible! Thank you to our generous sponsors who helped us to make Woofstock a great success! Thank you to C&R Restaurant for providing a delicious lunch! Thank you to Sheaman and the Mayfield Rover for providing fabulous music! And a big thank you to Concordia Club for their hospitality!!

We are so blessed to have such a supportive and generous community. We are overwhelmed with gratitude to everyone who came out to support the small shelter with the big heart. Together, we raised $10,000 for the care of our dogs!  We are so very humbled by this entire experience – thank you for helping us help the dogs in our care. Some amazing things are in the works thanks to the support of community members like you!

We love you all! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU and we hope to see you at next year’s Woofstock!

What a way to turn 6! Thank you!

This past weekend was jam-packed as we celebrated Regional Animal Shelter’s 6th Birthday! We are so thankful and blessed.

What a fabulous birthday weekend!

On Saturday, we had 45 people join us for our double header Paint ‘n Sip sessions at Bottles and Brushes at Core Fit in Mayfield. Thank you to everyone who attended – we hope you enjoyed painting and sipping with us. Thank you to Kristin for opening your doors and welcoming us to your unique & fun space. Thank you to Kath for instructing and leading this paint session. We think everyone’s masterpieces turned out amazing! 

On Sunday, we made the journey to Helderberg Mountain Brewing Company in East Berne to celebrate in Mike and Chris’ beautiful taproom. Thank you to everyone who attended, made a donation, purchased raffle tickets, or drank some very good beer, wine & cider.

Between both events we were able to raise over $1,650 and a pile of very generous donations that will go directly to the care of the animals!

We can’t say enough how extremely grateful we are to everyone who supports our “small shelter with the big heart!” We wouldn’t be where we are today without the support of our awesome volunteers and the community as a whole. Thank you all for being part of our Regional family. #TeamDog

With Gratitude…

Dear Friends,

We are so grateful for everyone who came out last night to help us celebrate five years of being in rescue. We raised our glass to all of those who have helped our shelter become what it is today, and we toasted to the coming success of the next five years, as well as raising $1,600 for the care of our dogs. Thank you to Harold’s for making our celebrations last night possible. We are overjoyed to be making a positive impact in our community and humbled by everybody’s support to help Regional make it happen.

In this season of celebration, we rejoice in how our community has always stepped up and supported the animals that needed it most exactly when they needed it. That’s why this year, for our #GivingTuesday campaign, all donations made to the campaign will be going into Annie’s Fund, which helps critically ill animals get the veterinary assistance that they need. Giving Tuesday is part of a national celebration of generosity that takes place annually on the fourth Tuesday of November.

Annie’s Fund was started for a sweet dog named Annie, who came into the shelter in 2013 after being left in a ditch to die by her owners. Despite our attempts, Annie was in such an advanced state of organ failure that there was nothing that we could do for her but to ease her pain and suffering while making sure she knew what love and compassion was. One of our community members, who wishes to remain anonymous, asked that the donation that they gave towards Annie’s medical bills start a fund that would help any animal that came in to the shelter in a condition like Annie’s… and Annie’s fund was born.

In the years since that heartbreaking day, Annie’s Fund has helped many critically ill animals within Regional’s walls to get the care that they deserved, and for that we are very, very grateful. We look forward to sharing their stories with you in the coming days.

With love and gratitude,

The Regional Volunteers


Cheers from our volunteers!
Thank you from our grateful volunteers!