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[Gloversville, NY] Following a busy year of caring for the stray dogs of Gloversville, Fulton County Regional SPCA has reached a long-awaited agreement with the City to extend their current contract for an additional 90 days while they work to negotiate the full contract terms for 2024. This bridge contract will bring them through April 2024.


Prior to reaching current terms of bridge contract, the SPCA was required to keep five kennels open at all times for City use. Due to the ongoing stray animal crisis and lack of adoptions, FCRSPCA requested to renegotiate these terms.


“The stray dogs are being brought in faster than we can adopt them out. We were physically unable to operate safely and efficiently under the terms of the contract with our current space restrictions. Without the five kennel stipulation, we have a bit more breathing room however space is still very much an issue.” Explains Renee Earl, FCRSPCA Board President.


In addition to the changes reflected in the bridge contract, FCRSPCA is asking the City to assist with their current space restrictions or pay the shelter for services provided should they wish to continue their current arrangement. “There are times where we are forced to pay boarding fees at other facilities because we simply do not have room to house the dogs that the City brings to us. In order to serve the City efficiently, we need a larger facility or we need to be compensated fairly for our services so that the cost to board these animals is not coming out of our operating budget. ” Explains Earl

Earl has been informed by the City that they are discussing possible expansion plans for the shelter’s current facility with a tentative goal to break ground this coming Spring. 


“We are grateful for the City’s attention to this matter as this possible expansion of our current facility will significantly improve operations and allow us adequate operating space while we continue to raise funds for our new build.” Notes Earl. “We have been told that the expansion will be planned in such a way that the facility will continue to serve the community in other ways once we relocate.”


Fulton County Regional SPCA is a volunteer run, donation funded 501(c)3 nonprofit organization located in Gloversville, NY. To learn more about the services they offer, visit their website at fcrspca.org.

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