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Congratulations to October’s Volunteer Spotlight Kimberly Scripa-Bell!!

Kim is married to her husband Jeremy and they have one furbaby named Lou. He’s an English Black Labrador, almost 3 years old.  Kim works for Northern Rivers since 2011 as a Supervisor for the Children’s Care Management Program.

We asked Kim to tell us something about her that many people would not know. She said, “I used to ride motorcycles, but a few years ago decided to hang up the helmet to pursue other hobbies.”  

Kim has been a volunteer with Regional since 2018.  We asked her what made her decide to volunteer. Kim said “I wanted to do more for our community, so I thought that combining my love for animals with helping our shelter would be perfect.”  

Kim told us that her funniest memory while being a volunteer was having to scale the ISO fence to get into the shelter! “We recently got news locks/keys however, the keys weren’t working. Seeing that we had to get inside to care for the pups, I figured I’d hop the ISO fence to gain access to the side door. Meanwhile, our partner at the time casually pulled up laughing holding up her side gate key. I climbed down and we were let in.  It made for a good story and apparently video because it was all caught on security camera!”

We asked Kim what is the best part about being a volunteer with Regional? She said “The friendships made- true dog people are like no others. Who else can you compare dog poop pics with without being judged!” Truth Kim, truth!

We also asked Kim what she would tell someone who was thinking about volunteering? “Absolutely do it! You are helping so many wonderful dogs that need our support and making such good friends along the way!”

Thank you Kim for your dedication and commitment to Regional and all the animals you have fostered and helped along the way!

Join Kim and the Regional family by applying to volunteer today! Have an empty space on your couch? Apply to become a foster parent!

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