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Congratulations to Beth Geleta for being chosen as our March Volunteer Spotlight!

Beth has been a volunteer with FCRSPCA since August 2018, she is a Board Member and Officer of the Board of Directors, she has two children, Christopher, age 24 and Brianna, age 22 and two fur-children Zoro, age 6 and Chicken Nugget, age 6, both kitties.  Beth works for the NYS Department of Labor as the supervisor of their Grants and Solicitations team and has been there for eleven years.   

We asked Beth to tell us something about herself that most people would not know, she said “I have an irrational fear of spiders.  Like over the top – screaming, running, throwing things at it, losing my mind fear.  You will certainly know if I ever see one at the shelter!” 

We asked Beth what made her decide to volunteer, she said “My children were growing up and I found myself with time I never had when they were younger.  I wanted to do something good, purposeful, with that time.  I went to a Regional Chili Cookoff event and ran into my friend BobbiJo.  We talked at length about how amazing Regional was, and she was 100% correct.  The rest is history as they say.”

Beth told us her best memory at the shelter. “I have so many wonderful memories of being a volunteer, but hands down, my favorite/funniest memory is Crystal and the pig Cinnamon.  Crystal went into the kennel to feed Cinnamon who took quite a “liking” to her.  She was yelling for Jess and I to help her but we were laughing so hard we couldn’t.  Like tears rolling down my face laughing.  We have so much fun!  (Love you Crystal 😊). “

Beth said the best part about volunteering at Regional is the family you become.  “I knew not long after I started volunteering that these were “my people”.  The volunteers are some of the best people I have ever met.  The love and passion they have for helping animals can still amaze me today.  No matter what day of the year, no matter what hour of a day, the animals always come first, and not one person here isn’t willing to go above and beyond to do what we need to do for each animal that comes to Regional.  Not only do they do that for the animals, but each other.  I have made some amazing friendships, and feel it truly is a family here. “ 

“If you are considering becoming a volunteer with Regional, do not hesitate!  Besides being truly rewarding, there really is something for everyone here.  You can run shifts, you can fundraise, you can share your skills and expertise on numerous committees.  No one is excluded!”  says Beth.

Thank you Beth Geleta for your dedication to Regional!  We all appreciate you!!!! 

Join Beth and the Regional family by applying to volunteer today!

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