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Thank you to everyone who helped make 2020's
Save A Life Campaign an amazing success!

The Save  A Life Campaign was successful beyond our wildest dreams – we are so humbled by the outpouring of support for the animals in our care. Every cent raised is going towards the care of our animals! Thank you from the bottom of our paws!

A grand total will be coming soon!

The 2020 Save A Life Campaign will begin on
Monday, November 30th and end on Thursday, December 31st.

The volunteers at Regional are super excited about another pawesome opportunity for our little shelter! We have been invited to participate in the Save A Life campaign by our friends at the Staffworks Fund!

The Save A Life Campaign is the purrfect opportunity for generous donors like you to maximize your impact and do more good with your life-saving donation.

The Staffworks Fund is awarding a dollar for dollar match for the first $10,000 raised by individual donors. When the $10,000 amount is reached, the Staffworks Fund will continue to match all donations, with a $1,000 gift for each $5,000 raised, up to $100,000. An additional $2,000 will be awarded to any organization that raises at least $100,000 during the campaign. The campaign runs from #CyberMonday through New Year’s Eve, November 30th through December 31st.

We are very thankful that the Staffworks Fund has allowed our community this fabulous opportunity to maximize the effect of their support.

During the 2019 campaign, we raised an AMAZING $39,397.18! To put that in perspective, we spent almost $45,000 on medical care and medicine  in 2019! (That’s a lot of medical care – thanks to our vets for taking such great care of the furkids!). 

For 2020, our goal is to raise $50,000.
Every single penny raised will go towards the care of our animals.

Unable to donate but still want to help? Become a fundraiser for Regional and help us reach our goal! 

While the world seemed to stand still this year, Regional’s doors remained open and we remained committed to providing for animals in need of shelter and care. Many who came to us were simply visiting, but some were abandoned and in desperate need of TLC. Because of the generous support of people like you in our community, we were able to provide essential support to those who needed it most.

When dogs and cats arrive at Regional, we ensure that they receive the best possible veterinary care: updated immunizations, microchipping, and spaying/neutering. Most importantly, Regional provides them food and water, space to sleep and play, attention and affection from our volunteers and the opportunity to decompress. We are committed to healing the animals that find their way to Regional, addressing not only their physical scars but the emotional ones that so many carry. There are always some that need more support than others, and they find the help they sorely need at Regional.

This year we were able to help Enzo who needed multiple surgeries to fix painful congenital deformities that went untreated too long by his previous “owners”.  We welcomed Izzy and her kittens, who needed help getting out of a home where they were starved and denied proper care. And then there was Ozzy, who found himself diagnosed with terminal lymphoma shortly after he arrived at Regional. While we may not be able to promise him a long life, we can promise him that the rest of his life will be the best he’s ever had.

Regional SPCA is staffed entirely by volunteers who care for the animals at the shelter and foster homes as if they were their own and day after day give of themselves: their time, their expertise, and their hearts. But we can’t do it without you.

Regional relies solely on the generosity and support of donors like you to be able to care for and find the purrfect, forever homes for the neediest animals in our community, no matter how long it takes.  We receive no state or government funding, nor any funding from any of the national animal welfare organizations.

Your contribution of a tax‐deductible donation to Regional SPCA would make a significant impact on the hopeful lives of our animal friends. As a 501(c)3 organization (Tax ID 83-4654060), your gift is fully deductible to the extent allowed by law and will be used directly to care for our animals as there is no expense for staffing.

If circumstances do not allow you to give at this time, please know you are still very much a part of the Regional family. Our family always does whatever it can, be it donating funds, donating supplies, or just spreading the word about our shelter and animals. We thank you for your continued support in all its forms.

Gifts by Personal Check

Please mail to Fulton County Regional SPCA,
117 West Fulton Street, Gloversville, NY 12078

  • Checks can be made payable to Regional SPCA
  • Mailed donations must be received on or before January 2nd to be included in the Save A Life Campaign.
  • Dates of any checks must be between November 30th and December 31st to be included in the campaign. 

Gifts by Debit/Credit Card/Paypal

You can make your secure online donation by clicking the button below on or after November 30th through December 31st.

  • Debit/credit card/Paypal gifts are subject to a 2.9% transaction fee + a processing fee assessed by the card companies or PayPal. You will be given the option of making a supplemental gift on  Regional’s Save A Life donation page to cover transaction fees.
  • Donations must be received by December 31st in order to be eligible for the match. 

Gifts by Other Means

  • Facebook: You can donate through Facebook on our page at facebook.com/fcrspca
  • Employer Matches: Our EIN is 83-4654060. Notification of match must be received by December 31st, 2019 to be included towards the Staffworks match. Please email match verification to donate@fcrspca.org

Please note that cash donations and money orders are not eligible for this matching opportunity.

We are grateful for any support you are able to give to the animals

Staffworks Inc profits support the Staffworks Fund established in 2005 by the founder and owner of Staffworks, Anita Vitullo, at The Community Foundation of Herkimer and Oneida Counties. The primary mission of the Staffworks Fund is supporting nonprofit organizations that care for at-risk animals in our communities. Staffworks assets at The Community Foundation have grown to $13 million. 

“When you support or adopt from your local animal shelters and rescue organizations, you are choosing to save an animal’s life,” Anita Vitullo said. As of 2020, the Staffworks Fund has donated $2.15 million to organizations that save animal lives. 


Visit staffworkscny.com for more information on this lifesaving fund.

Save A Life Campaign FAQ

Because you want to – it’s just the perfect opportunity to increase the effect of the support you would already consider giving thanks to the match by the Staffworks Fund

The animals, of course! As a volunteer-run group, we can promise that all funds raised with 100% go towards animal care, be it vet bills, medicine, special foods, or ensuring that the shelter remains safe for its residents. We prefer to be paid in puppy kisses and kitten snuggles.

Donate as you always have, via check made to Regional SPCA, Credit Card, Paypal, or on Facebook. Donations and proof of employer match must be received by December 31st to count towards the match. We send a tally to the Staffworks Fund, which they will then use to calculate how much the match will be. In 2019, we raised over $26,000 in donations and employer matches, allowing us to receive $13,000 matching grant from the Staffworks Fund.

It means that when 2020 decided to cancel itself, we were still able to provide care to the animals that came through our doors.  The Save A Life Campaign is a guarantee that all animals that need it will be cared for. Our little shelter welcome cats and dogs who have had little to no veterinary care in their lives. These animals are dealing with infections that take time and medicines to clear, and sometime they have more substantial issues (heartworm, parvo, lyme, etc). Regional is committed to getting every single animal as healthy as possible before sending them off to their forever home, and the Save A Life Campaign has allowed that to happen this year more than ever.

But it is worth it! $5 will feed an animal at the shelter for 4 days or help pay for a vaccine. With the match from the Staffworks Fund, it will do even more! No matter your ability to give, you are making a difference to the life of an animal in need! We are grateful for any support that can be given, regardless of amount!

Thank you! Please spread the word to friends and family to give! You can start a friendraiser on Facebook with the Regional as the beneficiary, or sign up to fundraise here (we even have everything preset to get you started!)!!! Every little bit helps the animals! Need help? Contact us!

Please contact us and we will answer them! We do not bite (or give face licks…we leave those to the dogs), we promise.

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