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We are overwhelmed and thankful for and humbled by all of the support that we’ve received today on this Giving Tuesday. Our village has once again made us speechless. You have ensured that the dogs that enter Regional needing the most help get it as soon as they need it.

Thank you for investing in the future of the dogs to come who would otherwise have none.

Today is Giving Tuesday. Help Regional Animal Shelter with a gift that will change animals lives.

Giving Tuesday is part of a national celebration of generosity that takes place annually on the fourth Tuesday of November.  This year’s event is November 28, 2017 – TODAY. It’s a day to give a gift that makes an impact – right here in your own community. It’s a way to let your values be part of your holiday giving.

This holiday season, you can support the excellent work being done at Regional Animal Shelter by making a donation on Giving Tuesday – Tuesday, November 28th.

Make your gift go further – submit an employee match, or encourage your friends or family to give. Make your donation in honor of a loved on on your holiday shopping list and we’ll send them a card acknowledging your donation.

When you donate to Regional Animal Shelter, all funds go directly towards the care of our animals. We are a 100% volunteer-run, donation-funded, no-kill shelter.

This year, all money raised during #GivingTuesday will be going into Annie’s Fund, which ensures that any animal that enters Regional with a medical emergency gets immediate life-saving veterinary treatment. Average cost of an emergency vet visit is $700, especially when bloodwork or x-rays are needed. Our goal is to raise $2,000 for this much-needed fund.

Please help if you can. Every dollar donated goes directly towards the care of our dogs, and your tax-deductible donation is greatly appreciated.

In this season of celebration, we rejoice in how our community has always stepped up and supported the animals that needed it most exactly when they needed it. That’s why this year, for our #GivingTuesday campaign, all donations made to the campaign will be going into Annie’s Fund, which helps critically ill animals get the veterinary assistance that they need.

Annie’s Fund was started for a sweet dog named Annie, who came into the shelter in 2013 after being left in a ditch to die by her owners. Despite our attempts, Annie was in such an advanced state of organ failure that there was nothing that we could do for her but to ease her pain and suffering while making sure she knew what love and compassion was. One of our community members, who wishes to remain anonymous, asked that the donation that they gave towards Annie’s medical bills start a fund that would help any animal that came in to the shelter in a condition like Annie’s… and Annie’s fund was born.

In the years since that heartbreaking day, Annie’s Fund has helped many critically ill animals within Regional’s walls to get the care that they deserved, and for that we are very, very grateful. We look forward to sharing their stories with you in the coming days.

Leading up to #GivingTuesday, we would like to remember how all of you in our wonderful community helped to save little Shadow’s life and then helped her to walk normally again without pain.

Shadow came into the shelter as a six month old puppy in June of 2013. She immediately stole every single one of our volunteers’ hearts, because she was such a love and adored everyone she met. But within days of her coming to the shelter, she became gravely ill. Our loving little girl couldn’t even lift her head off her bed. She was rushed to the vet, and our worst fears were confirmed – parvovirus*. Thanks to Annie’s Fund, we were to get her the lifesaving medical treatment she needed immediately without having to question where those emergency funds were coming from. It looked like we were going to lose our little bundle of joy, but thanks to the very fast medical intervention, she made it through!

But our poor Shadow’s medical journey wasn’t over! While recovering from her parvo treatment, she started limping after playing in the yard and going on walks. After a yet another visit to the vet, it was found that she has a partial tear in her cruciate ligament in her leg. Surgery was required – without it her lameness would get worse, risking rupture and being disabled for the rest of her life. We asked our community to help Shadow walk again, and you responded, helping us raise over $2,500 for Shadow’s surgery and rehab. Everything that was raised and not needed to pay for Shadow’s surgery and recovery went into Annie’s Fund for the next dog who came in needing serious medical treatment. Because of our community, Shadow not only survived an often deadly illness, but was able to live her life as the active, bouncy, playful sweet girl we knew her to be.

*Parvovirus is a highly contagious disease which can be prevented by vaccination. This virus causes the lining of the small intestine to be shed, causing dehydration, lack of nutrient uptake, and eventually allowing for bacteria to enter the bloodstream. Young dogs are most susceptible, especially those that are not vaccinated, and most pups have a 50% chance of surviving infection. Prevention is best – vaccinate!

In our series of stories leading up to #GivingTuesday, we would like to next share Pongo’s & Gracie’s stories and how Annie’s Fund and the generosity of our community allowed us to care for these two amazing girls, with a reminder that out of heartbreak comes hope.

Pongo, an older beagle, came into Regional late at night in June of 2015 with a softball-sized tumor on her hind leg. It was open and maggot-infested and she clearly needed to see a vet for a clean-out and antibiotics. Given Pongo’s condition when she arrived, her owner was charged with neglect. She was surrendered to the shelter so we get could get her the help she needed, and to get her into her forever home as soon as possible. Pongo was so weak from the infections in her body that we needed to get her stronger prior to surgery to remove the tumor.

After a month of R&R, with only the best food, and many medications later, Pongo was ready to have her massive growth removed. Our community had heard about Pongo’s condition and stepped forward with donations to help pay for her medical care and surgery. Everyone was happy that she was on the road to getting better. Sadly Pongo was never able to get her tumor removed – her tired, old body gave out due to complications from the anesthesia. Our volunteers were heartbroken. Our community was heartbroken. As we said our tearful goodbyes to our sweet beagle girl, we were thankful to know she knew love, care, and kindness until it was her turn to cross the bridge.

Pongo’s story taught us a very important lesson. While we may not have been able to save Pongo, we were reminded that there will always be another that needs our help. The funds that were set aside for Pongo’s surgery went into Annie’s Fund for the next dog who needed it.

Pongo’s “owner” subsequently plead guilty to animal neglect due to lack of veterinary care.

Late in December of 2015, a sweet lab named Gracie found herself at Regional. This silly girl was a lot of fun and we knew she’d find a home quickly. We made all of her vet appointments to get her ready to go home. But, before we could get her in for her spay, something started to go very, very wrong. Volunteers noticed Gracie had started to spend a lot of time licking her hind end which was looking raw. Except it wasn’t, Gracie’s body was literally falling out of itself. She was rushed to the vet and ended up having an emergency spay due to a massive uterine infection and the resulting vaginal prolapse. After her surgery and some much needed antibiotics, Gracie was back to her energetic self and soon went to her forever home.

For the last of our series of stories leading up to #GivingTuesday, we would like to share how Annie’s Fund helped Cody and Sadie in two very different, but much needed, ways.

You may remember Cody from our story at Woofstock! Cody was brought to the shelter in September of 2016 by a good samaritan: we were handed this adorable, but extremely quiet, skinny 14 week old black puppy with a bad knee. Our vet allowed us to bring him in that night so he could get an x-ray first thing the next morning and he did – the defect was deemed congenital. Hoping that some food and love would get our little guy perked up quickly so that we could get him the surgery he needed to fix his knee, Cody was brought back to the shelter, napping in a laundry basket the entire way.

Hours after he came back, it started – classic symptoms of parvo**. Cody’s lifeless body was rushed back to the vet, and tested…it was positive. Given how he was thin to begin with, he was given a 50% chance of making it through treatment. Thanks to Annie’s Fund, we didn’t need to worry how his treatment was going to be paid for, we just knew we were able to immediately treat him. It was a nerve-wracking 48 hours, but once he started eating again, we knew he made it! Our volunteers and our vet’s office breathed a collective sigh of relief! Once he was stable enough to leave the vet’s office, he went into a foster home so he could continue his recovery and get strong enough to undergo surgery.

Thanks to donations and the area’s best bake sale, we were able to raise the funds to get Cody the treatment that he needed to fully recover from Parvo AND the surgery he needed to help him walk normally again! All the money raised over and above the cost of his treatment and surgery went into Annie’s Fund to be available to help the next needy dog that came in.

**Parvovirus causes the lining of the GI tract to shed, making nutrient and water absorption nearly impossible. This preventable disease is highly contagious among non-immunized dogs, and is often lethal in puppies. Classic symptoms are lethargy, vomiting, and severe diarrhea. Don’t wait, vaccinate!

But not all shelter tales have happy endings. As time goes on, one learns that in rescue a dog that comes into your care, be it ever so briefly, is there for a reason. This is one of those stories.

Meet Sadie (left) and Kobe (right). These two with their kissable, squishable mugs came into the shelter together in December of 2016. It was clear at first glance that they had been denied vet care for years. Upon coming to the shelter, they saw the vet (for probably the first time in their lives) and were prescribed a number of medications aimed at clearing various infections. They seemed overjoyed to be in the shelter – they were warm, had lots of food, and seemed to really appreciate the ear scratches and treats as well. And these dogs were lovers – kisses and wiggly tail nubs for everyone they met. These two had been through hell and back, and our volunteers wanted nothing more than for the two of them to find their forever home together. Kobe and Sadie didn’t want to be anywhere without the other by their side.

But it wasn’t meant to be. Sadie stopped eating and drinking, and her breathing became labored. She was brought to the vet and our worst fears were confirmed – she was beginning to bleed internally with no way to stop it. Sadie wasn’t able to overcome her years of neglect and went to the Rainbow Bridge on Christmas Eve. She passed in the loving arms of three of our volunteers, just like our sweet Annie did all those years ago.

When this happens, it’s difficult. Kobe took it especially hard – he’d never been without his sister. Vet bills continued to mount as we treated the symptoms brought on by years of neglect, but thanks to Annie’s Fund, Kobe grew healthier and found his forever home that both he and his sister so badly deserved.

With every obstacle, there is a lesson. With every heartbreak, there’s something to learn. And every dog finds us for a reason. Many of our volunteers were wondering what that reason was after our sweet Sadie passed. After much discussion, we settled on one. We believe that Sadie fought to stay with us until she knew her brother would be safe. After settling in to Regional and knowing that they would never be mistreated again, she knew her job was done. You did well, our little guardian angel.

Kobe and Sadie’s “owner” plead guilty to neglect for lack of veterinary care.