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Help Enzo walk without pain

Two "good as new" legs for a two year old dog.
Meet Enzo. This two-year-old big hunk of Cane Corso love was supposed to live his life as an Amish puppy mill stud.   However, Enzo was denied proper vet care for his two years of life and his existing leg injuries continued to worsen. Enzo became no longer useful to his owners and he was suddenly in search of a new place to live.  
Lucky for us, this sweet, sweet boy came to Regional in June to receive the care and affection he has always deserved. Enzo is nothing but a big smoosh that craves all the loving you can dish out! Unfortunately, love can’t fix his legs.
We got Enzo into our vet’s office right away to confirm that his hind end is in pretty bad shape. On his right knee he has CCLR (Cranial Cruciate Ligament Rupture) equivalent to a torn ACL in a human, a luxating Patella (kneecap comes out of socket) and hip dysplasia (hipbone doesn’t fit snugly into joint and causes pain) and arthritis. He also has a CCLR in his left knee (not as bad as his right) and hip dysplasia and arthritis.  

Enzo will require a minimum of two surgeries for the CCLR and, in time, hip surgery as well. After surgery he will require 6-12 weeks of rehabilitative therapy. He will also need to be on anti-inflammatory and joint supplements for the rest of his life.   Enzo is ready for surgery and will undergo his first surgery for his right leg on July 22 and then he will have his left leg done in the Fall.  We are blessed to have the skilled hands of Dr. Tom Bowersox performing the surgeries for Enzo. But we can’t help Enzo without your help!

We need donations to cover the cost of Enzo’s surgeries.  We need to raise a minimum of $9000.00 to cover the surgeries and rehab. You can make a secure donation using the donate button on this page, or by mailing a check made out to Regional SPCA to 117 West Fulton St. Gloversville, NY 12078. If anything is raised over the amount needed for  Enzo’s surgeries, it will be placed into Annie’s Fund, which helps animals that enter the shelter in critical condition get the care they need quickly.

This poor boy has spent the past 18-24 months in constant pain and discomfort and only receiving occasional human contact. If you would like to help us show Enzo that humans will never let him down again, please consider donating to his surgery fund and help us help Enzo!  

Update! August 14th, 2020

Unfortunately we are reaching out now for some desperate help. Our handsome mastiff Enzo has already depleted the funds we raised for his first surgery and we have nothing left to cover the second leg he will need done in a few months. He went through the first surgery beautifully but ended up having some fluke complications that sent him to the emergency clinic multiple times and ending with a several night stay at Cornell.

He is finally back on the mend and will be heading home today (August 14th) and we are crossing everything we’ve got and saying a prayer to everyone that we are out of the woods for the remainder of his recovery.

If you can spare the $5.00 for your morning coffee and donate to Enzo’s surgery fund, we know he would give you the biggest kiss ever for helping him have a better, pain free, life!

Update! June 22th, 2020

Enzo is happily napping after his leg surgery yesterday!

Thank you to everyone who has supported this big ol’ hunk of love as he begins his journey to a better life. Some rest and rehab is in store for him, and in four months, surgery #2 for his other leg!

Update! June 20th, 2020

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has supported Enzo so far! We’re so lucky to have raised $3,000 after one day – this covers Enzo’s first surgery that will happen on Wednesday the 22nd! We are so very grateful for the outpouring of support for this big hunk of love!