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Building For A Better Tomorrow – we can do it with your help!

Why build a new facility?

Donate NowShelters everywhere are full, including Regional. We’re currently working out of “The Annex”, a 576 sq. ft.,  8 kennel facility  with the ability to have 5 additional dogs in collapsible crates in our isolation ward/office/laundry room. The Annex was originally intended to be built to be a holding facility, not to be used as an animal shelter. Because of our size, we are unable to take surrenders from people within the community who are unable to successfully re-home their dogs. We are also unable to take in cats, as we do not have safe  space to do so.

Our current space, although limited, allows us to help stray dogs either find their way home or find their way into new homes. But, we want to do more for all animals within our community, regardless of species or size. So much more is needed, and Regional wants to have the ability to help any animal in need.

Once completed, our new (or new to us) facility will ideally include:

What needs to be done?

We are actively looking for a new plot to build on or an existing structure to retrofit. Once a building or parcel is selected, we can design a facility to be built or retrofit that will suit the needs of our community and make the best use of our fund raised and donated dollars.

How much do you need?

We believe a complete facility will cost us over $2,000,000 with the first phase to cost around $1,000,000. We hope to secure at least half of our total funding via grants.

Phase I will encompass the first section of our dog and cat residential areas, dog and cat isolation and intake, grooming, and family meeting areas. It will also encompass our on-site, low cost spay/neuter clinic as well as a community meeting and training space. This phase will meet the most immediate needs in our community, allowing Regional to take in and care for more animals as they are awaiting their forever home.

Phase II will encompass additional dog and cat housing areas as well as the addition of large-animal housing, because not all homeless animals are dogs and cats!

Why is building a new shelter so expensive?

A new shelter, or retrofitted building, is so expensive for animal housing because we need to comply to Agriculture and Markets Standards for animal housing. Buildings are only allowed to be in certain areas, with required amounts of green space, natural light, specifics for air handling and waste disposal to limit the spread of disease (we have to think about poop a lot). We are looking for the ideal spot where we will be an asset to our community and a good neighbor, all while taking the best possible care of the animals that will call the shelter home.

How can I help?

Our biggest need, as always, is funding! Please consider making a donation today. A new facility  is an investment in the future of Regional and the animals to come that will call our shelter home. Naming rights are available.

Do you have expertise in building or capital campaigns? Share your skill! We would appreciate your expertise, especially as we enter the planning phase of building! Contact us!

As always, we would like to thank this amazing community for supporting us through the years! We’re doing our best to grow, so we can serve YOU better!!

And because we can’t say it enough, thank you.