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Have you ever wondered who your donations help?

We would like to share with you the story of our wonderful Annie, and how Annie’s Fund came into existence. We have also posted some pictures of Annie, but please note that some may find the images disturbing.

 Annie was found by Animal Control in a culvert. It is not known how long she was stuck in there.  She was too weak to climb out on her own and the Animal Control Officer had to climb in and carry her out. She was brought into the shelter – emaciated, open wounds, infections, hair missing, and a severe case of mastitis. She was taken to the vet, given fluids and placed on antibiotics to help with the infections.

Although Annie was skin over bone and in very bad shape, she was so happy to receive love and attention from the shelter volunteers.  She would kiss everyone that came in to see her! The volunteers didn’t see Annie as a sick, wounded dog but a dog full of love to give.  We sat with her and played with her and gave her all the love we had. Unfortunately Annie was not responding to the antibiotics and she was not making any progress. After another trip to the vet and upon further examination, we were informed that Annie’s organs were already damaged too much and were unable to fully support her. She needed approximately six (6) surgeries but her organs were not strong enough to get her through the surgeries. There was nothing the veterinarian could do at this point other than keep her comfortable.

Despite the fact that Annie was very ill, she continued to give us all kisses and wag her tail.  Then one day, surrounded by volunteers who held and cuddled her, Annie crossed the Rainbow Bridge. And just before she closed her eyes, she gave one volunteer one last kiss, as if to thank us for loving her and taking such good care of her.  We will never forget Annie. She touched the lives of each person that met her and taught us all that it really doesn’t matter what’s on the outside because real love is on the inside.

Annie’s story hit the media and one generous and caring supporter sent a generous donation to put toward her medical care. Unfortunately, Annie had passed by the time we received the donation, but the donor insisted that we use the money toward other dogs that needed emergency medical treatment.  So in honor of our brave, sweet girl who fought the battle for her life, we started Annie’s Fund.

We wish to thank our donor for their generosity and the ability to get the fund started, and to the many that followed who believed in helping dogs like Annie.  Please consider donating to our fund to help other dogs like Annie.

Annie when she first came into the shelter.

Annie, after some food and a lot of love, before she passed.